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About Us

Make magic and shop small!


Meet the maker

I'm Mia, mum to an amazingly independent but not so little, Ada. Now, 18 months old, we spend most of our days getting crafty in the garden and playing with paints, play doh and sand! The Little Ada Co. was born from one of my life's biggest passions, crafting, the inspirational country that is Wales, and of course, my love for my daughter. When I'm not getting creative and crafty with Ada, I'm a postgraduate student in Swansea University, studying history. Bit different, I know! 

Let's talk shop!

Here at The Little Ada Co. we strive to offer a service that meets all requirements. Working out of a little workshop, we personalise, customise and create a variety of products which make the perfect gift for a special someone, or even yourself (who doesn’t appreciate some self-care in the form of small parcels?)

Launching in June 2021, we have undergone a full rebrand, changing the way we approach sales, business and our crafts in this ever changing world. Our first step in this mission is to launch this brand new website which enables me to dedicate as much space as I need to offer you some amazing products.

Check out what we have to offer and start shopping today!

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